Sealcoating protects and prevents asphalt damage.

Asphalt Sealcoating

Restore the appearance of your blacktop.

Asphalt Repair

Drive easy with quality asphalt installation.

Asphalt Installation

Break ground on your new project.


Leave Your Pot Holes in the Dust

Professional asphalt paving done right in Meridian, ID

Everyone appreciates a smooth and even road or parking lot. Give your guests and customers what they want with asphalt paving services from Northwestern Asphalt in Meridian, ID. Our licensed pavers can install, repair and maintain any and all asphalt surfaces. From custom driveway installation to parking lot asphalt repair, we can handle it all.

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Skip the DIY-call a professional

Installing a secure and reliable road or parking lot takes more than just pouring asphalt and waiting for it to dry. Hiring an asphalt contractor will guarantee a level, smooth and long-lasting result. Northwestern Asphalt provides start to finish asphalt paving that covers:

  • Site prep: land clearing, leveling and placing paving forms for a clean installation
  • Installation: pouring new asphalt or applying asphalt overlay and tamping smooth
  • Sealing: applying a protective layer of sealant to prevent cracks and pot holes
Contact our licensed asphalt contractor to get a free estimate for your asphalt paving project today.

Choose experience every time

Since 1985, Northwestern Asphalt has been a highly trusted asphalt contractor in the Meridian, ID community. Family-owned and -operated, we are dedicated to providing services that you can rely on. We work hard to maintain our solid reputation and strive to deliver 100% customer satisfaction for each and every project.

Call 208-516-9828 to get started on your asphalt project today.

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