With asphalt repair services in Meridian, ID

Is your driveway or parking lot riddled with pot holes? Restore the look and feel of your blacktop with professional asphalt repair from Northwestern Asphalt in Meridian, ID. Our licensed pavers will level the surface, fill in pot holes and install an overlay that covers up your old blacktop. We can even apply a protective sealcoat that protects your new surface for years to come.

Make sure your customers and guests can park on a smooth surface. Contact Northwestern Asphalt to get the fast and effective pot hole repair you need.

Don't put off your asphalt repair

Neglecting your asphalt could be affecting your home or business more than you know. Prompt and efficient pot hole repair is important because a crumbing blacktop...

  • Deters customers from visiting your business.
  • Takes away from your property value.
  • Is unsafe for motorists and pedestrians.
Northwestern Asphalt will restore your blacktop and get rid of your pot holes once and for all. Call 208-516-9828 to schedule your asphalt repair today.