Protect your asphalt with preventive sealcoating

There are a lot of factors that can cause your blacktop to crack or crumble. Sealcoating can strengthen and protect your asphalt from everyday wear and tear. Northwestern Asphalt provides comprehensive asphalt sealcoating services for home and business owners throughout Meridian, ID. Our licensed professionals will smooth out your blacktop and apply a thick polymer modified sealcoating that stops cracks from forming.

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Extend the functional life of your asphalt

While filling in cracks and pot holes works for a while, asphalt sealcoating is a long-term asphalt repair solution. Northwestern Asphalt uses a water- and UV-resistant sealcoating that works to:

  • Stop moisture from causing your asphalt to crumble
  • Prevent the hot sun from drying out and cracking your asphalt
  • Fight back against constant pressure from heavy traffic
With high-quality sealcoating, you can save time and money on replacing your blacktop later on down the road. Reach out to schedule your asphalt sealcoating today.